Fiery Anna


Fiery Anna

When Anna was born, it was a surprise and a shock to find out that she had Down Syndrome. Immediately, questions began to swarm about "what next?" We tried to figure out what it meant and also why it happened. I think those questions will take a lifetime to answer. But, in all the newness of our situation, looking back, we would not change a thing regarding Anna. If God came to us and said that He would take away the Down Syndrome if we wanted, we would emphatically say no.

The bible says that 'we are fearfully and wonderfully made'. Even though Anna has Down Syndrome, she is still wonderfully made and God has a purpose for her. God made her this way for a reason. Just because we may not know what it is, does not diminish the fact.

One of the 'wonderful' traits about Anna is that she is extremely loving and forgiving. There are times when we get really upset with her, but when the situation subsides, she loves on us regardless of our behavior. It reminds us a lot about the love of Christ. When Anna goes to church she will approach many people, some she knows and others she doesn't, and give them a big hug. We've been in the doctors office or the grocery store and she just incessantly says "hi" to people as they walk by. We can tell that her little expression of love has really effected people. Anna is also a little social bug. She loves to be around people and her friends. Of course, to Anna, everybody is her friend.

One of the things that Anna really enjoys is music and dance. She loves to sing and she can remember dance routines from shows that she has watched. Finally, a trait about Anna that is a blessing, but also a trial at times, is that she is very driven. When she wants something she will stop at nothing until she get's it. Our task as parent's is to channel that into her favor.

As with any child, there are challenges. Anna's condition may bring more, but we believe that in the long run, we will be better people because Anna is in our lives.

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Go Anna

September 30th, 2014

Jennifer Blye


Anna, your smile brightens my day :)

September 12th, 2014

Linda Bingenheimer


We are so very proud of you Anna. Love Grandma.

September 12th, 2014

Jennifer Perry


Anna gives you a big thank you for joining with us and to celebrate who Anna is.

August 28th, 2014

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