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Buddy Pages Contest!

We will be having a contest for who can raise the most money with their Buddy Page. So get creative, tell your story and reach out to everyone you know to support your loved ones with Down Syndrome and DSNO. Our overall fundraising goal is to provide these resources to families so rather than a prize we decided to go right to what parents tell us are their most pressing needs.

Raise the following amounts with your Buddy Page and earn the following rewards ~

  • $2,500 - Earns $120 toward 1 session respite or speech/behavioral therapy.
  • $5,000 - Earns 2 more sessions (total of 3 respite/speech therapy)
  • $7,500 - Wins 3 sessions of speech / behavioral therapist and an iPad for your child.
  • Grand Prize! - For the Buddy Pages that raises the most money - receive a night's stay at The Nines, dinner at Departure with childcare included.

Team Nicole Williams

So where to start – I cannot believe it has been almost a year since the last Buddy Walk. Nicole has grown up so much since then. She/We survived her year as a kindergartner. She had so much fun at school. She loved her teacher, Aide, as well as all the kids and the excitement of being in school. I do think her favorite part of the whole school year however was riding the “School Bus” every day. She learned so much. She can almost count to 20 (16-19) confuse her some, but once she gets to the 20’s, 30’s etc she gets it and continues to almost 60. She is really starting to understa

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