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It’s Buddy Walk time once again. Thanks for supporting Big Team Megan….It has been a great year. Hope to see you this Sunday.

Love, Megan

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Mom, Dad, Alex, Mark and Johnny Boy and WEZY

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Megan we are so proud of all you have accomplished this year! We love you so much

September 7, 2020

Jerry & Sarah Bieze

Registrations: 2   Total Donation: $541.96

Go, Megan! Wish we could see you in person, sweet girl, and give you a big hug! Love you, Jerry & Sarah xxoo

September 7, 2020

Katie Bieze

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September 7, 2020

Laurens and Linda Johansen

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Megan, we remember many happy days of previous Buddy walks with you leading your team with your big smile. We pray that your virtual walk will be good enough this year, and that your best days are ahead. We love your family, and will be thinking of you on Sunday.

September 9, 2020

Jacob Bieze

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September 10, 2020

Registrations: 5   Total Donation: $325.00

September 16, 2020

Janet Collier

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Keep riding little mermaid!

October 4, 2020

Margo Strength

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October 10, 2020