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Yahoo, we are so excited to be back in person for the Buddy Walk! We would love to have our family and friends join us for this amazing walk. I don’t know where our family would be without DSNO. After Anna was born we had the honor of meeting one of the co-founders Paula, who came to visit us 13 years ago in the hospital. Paula also brought a Basket of Hope filled with goodies and information about Down Syndrome.

DSNO offers amazing events to moms, dads and of course are amazing kiddos: Family night at Oaks Park, CHAP (Children’s Healing Art Project), Virtual Cooking classes, Exercise classes, Mom’s night out, Dad’s gatherings, mom’s weekend retreat. These are just of the amazing events that DSNO offers!!!

Anna is a blessing from the Lord and knows how to reach and touch peoples’ hearts. If someone is having a bad day, Anna knows how to get that person to smile and to bring joy to them. Anna has a sweet and gentle spirit when she is around babies and other kiddos with special needs.

Marie L Bender

Registrations: 2  $31.40

My neice Anna is a out going and a vivacious teenager who knows what she wants. She is caring and loveable to her family and friends.
She loves doing cheers and loves being with her family. She has high ambitions and hopes for the future. Whatever she chooses to do, I know she will succeed. I love you!!!
Auntie Marie

August 27, 2022


Registrations: 1  $15.85

Anna has been a true joy and inspiration to anyone she meets. It has been an incredibly journey watching Anna excel in meeting milestones. I cannot imagine our lives without this treasure in it and thank God for bringing this Angel to our family. I get the honor of being Anna’s gramma and love it.

September 4, 2022

Linda S Bingenheimer

Friends of DSNO  $10.30

September 4, 2022



I love you Anna MacRae. We have been truly blessed to have had God give us an Angel in you. You have been a true inspiration and joy. I love you sweet girl so very much. Gramma

September 4, 2022

Jennifer Perry

Registrations: 3  $45.00

Anna girl, we love you and so thankful to The Lord for you! You are a caring young lady and love people!

September 6, 2022

Clair and Gary Foster

Registrations: 2  $30.96

Anna is a bright light in the world and we are honoured to know and support her!

September 18, 2022

Auntie Jade


Love you Anna!!

You are a light everywhere you go!!

September 20, 2022