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We’ll be live and in person! You can join us or support the efforts of the DSNO by making a donation. Help us reach and or exceed a goal of $1000!
The money provides support to families via activities for individuals with Down syndrome and gatherings for moms and dads to connect. In addition, it helps to provide scholarships to camps and other similar programs and activities.
The founders and other members of the DSNO were the first to reach out and give Thomas’s mom a glimmer of hope after diagnosis. Welcomed with a ‘basket’ of hope, a very nice diaper bag filled with items to aide in Thomas’ development and a few other special items (the best beanie), made the journey a little less lonely. The only families with children with Down syndrome that we knew of, lived in a different state. Now, we see more and more individuals and families experiencing the Down syndrome and other developmental and intellectual challenges.
We will always be thankful for the founders and members of the DSNO who have befriended us and those who continue to support our family.

The Hively's

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We are so proud of you, Thomas and we are so grateful for our families friendship.

August 16, 2021

Larry & Jan Baker


Thomas is an amazing boy and a fun neighbor.

September 14, 2021

Dad, Mom & Claire


Thomas, you have completed our family and brought us a larger community with our DSNO family. You’ve also have given us a greater purpose as a family. We Love You So Much!

Mom retreat 2022!!!

October 12, 2021

Estelle F Desmarais


October 16, 2021