DSNO May Mom’s Coffee, hosting George Eistrich

DSNO hosted author George Estreich during the May Moms’ Coffee, with over 20 attendees.

At the event, the Corvallis father read excerpts from his re-released book The Shape of the Eye. It’s a personal memoir intertwined with facts about Down syndrome that he created to share his experience with Laura, his 12-year-old daughter born with Down syndrome.

Hearing his stories took me back to the days when I was afraid. The day our Lizzie was born.

On November 18, 2011, Elizabeth Piper popped out by c-section. A little butterball, everyone in the operation room said. She was small in length, but weighed 9 pounds and 8 ounces. I remember vividly her very round belly, her short legs that stayed scrunched up in their fetal position, and the bluish pigment of her skin. I thought something wasn’t quite right. And later, doctors diagnosed Lizzie with Down syndrome.

As the author shared his stories of Laura, parents in the room nodded at familiar experiences and asked him great questions about how writing the story helped him to accept and support his daughter, Laura.

Estreich also wrote an OpEd in the New York Times about the waiter in Texas who stood up for a child with Down Syndrome at his restaurant.

The May Moms’ Coffee was my first experience hosting. All members of DSNO are welcome to host Moms’ Coffees, which are open to family members of individuals with Down syndrome, as well as friends. Coffees are primarily held in the host’s home, and childcare is coordinated by the host with assistance from the DSNO Board of Directors. The purpose is to educate and support parents who have sons, grandsons and daughters or granddaughters with Down syndrome.

Upcoming coffees, not yet scheduled, include topics such as the National Down Syndrome Conference in Denver on July 20-21, family and estate planning, and Buddy Walk 2013. Check back here for dates and times to be announced.

Contributed by: Jennifer Dale