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It’s that time again! For fun, eat great food , hangout with amazing friends, meet new people and Dance your booty off (dancing optional) All while raising money for this amazing group.

Down syndrome Network of Oregon has been A part of our family since day one. Supporting us, educating and loved us through Ashers Incredible journey and Trust me when I say it wasn’t an easy one.

This is a great way for us to get back, so they can continue their great works for other Down syndrome families. So would Please join us in celebrating our Down syndrome community at this years buddy walk. Thank you.
Love always,

Even if you don’t want to participate in the walk please please please feel free to donate in Asher’s name I would like to see his team fundraiser BIG this year!

Claire is the youngest of our 9 blessings from heaven! She is a bright spot in the lives of everyone she meets. Please join Claire and her family at this year’s Buddy Walk to celebrate special people who sport an extra chromosome. We love to come to Buddy Walk every year. It is such a fun party! If you can’t make it, a small donation to team Claire’s Crusaders would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Join Taylor and the team on September 22nd for the DSNO Buddy Walk!

Taylor is a sweet and sassy 15 month old who loves the outdoors and can’t wait to show her three-tooth smile 😊. She is excited to have her family and friends support her for her first Buddy Walk! (She made a late appearance last year, arriving just as the walk was wrapping up)

If you are unable to make it, we ask that you please consider a donation to the Down Syndrome Network of Oregon. We hope to see you there!

Taylor, Erin, and John

Hello my Gnomies!

We hope you will JOIN us on September 22nd rolling with my Gnomies with extra Chromies! Even if you can’t come PLEASE consider donating to our team. This is the biggest fundraiser for DSNO and we need your help!

Show some love to DSNO, our family, and Nolan by donating today. 🙂

Down Syndrome Network Oregon Buddy Walk is just around the corner! Owen and I would LOVE for you to join his team and walk with us to support him and all his Homies with Extra Chromies! Please sign up and spend the morning bringing awareness to DS, spend time with Owen and meet hundreds of other families who will be there as well! Not to mention lunch will be provided after the walk!!! This is Owen’s 3rd Walk and I hope we can make it his biggest!!!!

Please join Piper’s Posse for Piper’s 2nd Buddy Walk! All proceeds support the Down Syndrome Network of Oregon. We greatly appreciate all of your love & support. Come & walk with us! #theluckyfew

Love, The Goodell Family

Hello all! Please come and support this amazing organization and walk with us. Miles is such a bright light in our family. Which if you’re on this page you already know that! Come walk with Miles, he’ll show you how to wave to everyone he meets, greet the world with the biggest smile, and sing Old McDonald along the way. We’d love to see you there!

Isaac, Emily, Miles, and Mav

We are so excited for 2019 Buddy Walk and so grateful for your support. Abigail’s life is enrich by each of you and we thank you for being a part of her Village.

Come Walk/Support Austin!

Come walk with Team Jaxson!

Come out and support Jude by joining us on the buddy walk. We would love to see you all and it would mean so much to our family.

The DSNO is such a great organization and supports families in many ways. We are so happy to come along side them and raise money for a good cause.

We invite you to join us at the DSNO Buddy Walk the morning of Sunday, September 22nd at Millennium Plaza Park in Lake Oswego. It’s a day of fun and activities, a short walk around the park, and celebrating with family and friends, new and old.

We look forward to having you there, in person or in spirit! Thank you for your friendship, love and support.

Love, The Dales (Lizzie, Maddi, Charlie, Jennifer, and Elliott)

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since the last Buddy Walk.

She is attending the YMCA’s Summer Camp again and having a great time and loving the field trips, especially to the Rainbow Trout Farm and Enchanted Forest!

She continues doing her weekly gymnastics, swimming, Special Olympics Golf and just started Cheerleading again this year with Oregon Dream Team on their Inspire Team! She loves Cheerleading!

She LOVES to attend all the functions that our wonderful DSNO group sponsors.

One of her other favorite events is the Oaks Park Picnic, along with Polar Express Party, Christmas Caroling, and of course THE BUDDY WALK!

Without the help and sponsors from our Friends/Family our wonderful DSNO group would not be able to put on all these activities for the kids and families. The Dad’s dinner, the Mom’s Coffee’s, Buddy Walk, Oaks Park, PolarExpress and Talent Show just to name a few.

We would love to see everyone come out on Sun Sept 22nd to walk with us to support Nicole, all her Buddies and Down Syndrome Awareness. If you cannot walk you can also donate on line and make sure to click “Team Nicole Williams.”

Thank you and Love to you all

Nancy, Rick, Angelina and Nicole

It’s that time of year again! The annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk! We would love you all to come out and support Team Tyler! It’s so much fun and lots of dancing!

Hi Friends,
Our family is participating in the Down Syndrome Network Oregon Buddy Walk on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at Millennium Square in downtown Lake Oswego.

We love Zach and want him to have many experiences and opportunities for learning. We hope that DSNO will help the schools recognize the need for aids, specialists and other supportive educational needs for children like Zach, to have the optimum educational and life experiences.

Zachie has a twin brother named Gabe and they are best friends. They are both in the 3rd grade at Markham Elementary School. Gabe is very patient with Zach and they enjoy playing, wrestling, tickling each other and reading books together.

Please sign up to join our team. If you cannot join us and would like to donate to our team, please go to the DSNO site https://dsno.org/buddy-walk and donate to our team, “TEAM ZACHIE”. .Hope to see you at the Buddy Walk.

Thanks for helping out,
Ariel (Grandma and Team Coordinator), Zachie, Gabe, Mama Radha, Daddy Andrej, Grandpa Peter

Hello Family & Friends!

Thanks for visiting our team page. We would love for you to join us at the Buddy Walk on Sunday, September 22nd. If you are unable to make it, please consider joining The Drew Cru with a donation to help us meet our $5,000 goal.

Thank your for you support of DSNO, a wonderful organization that helps our family and others like us!

With love,
Cory, Tiffany, Drew and Isaac

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