Buddy Teams

Buddy Teams

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Thank you for supporting Chip and this incredible organization.
This will be Chip’s 14th buddy walk.

Besides his birthday, Buddy Walks top Diego’s list of favorite days of the year! I cannot wait to see his excitement this year because it’s been a few years since his last one. We invite you to join Diego’s Dream Team and/or donate! DSNO have been a great resource during this journey of over 15 years. The walk is Sunday, September 25th at Millennium Plaza Park in Lake Oswego.

Piper’s Posse is back and we are excited about this year’s 2022 DSNO Buddy Walk. It’s been a couple of years since we have been able to get together for the walk & we are hoping that we will see as many of you as possible. Please come and walk with us!
Thank you so much for your continued love and support.
💜 Piper Goodell

Thank you for supporting Team Boogie Down and the 2022 DSNO Buddy Walk. It’s been a few years since we have been able to get together for the walk and we appreciate your support over the years. Please join us live and walk with us for the 2022 Buddy Walk. If you can not join us but want to support the cause and our team please make a donation.

Thank you and see you in September.

Thank you for visiting Lizzie’s team page. We are so excited to be back in person for this year’s Buddy Walk! Lizzie is entering 5th grade this year, and there’s no turning back. Now, more than ever, social connection is important to her, and we are grateful for the events and activities that DSNO runs that help us connect with other local families and have fun.

This last year, we started taking Lizzie to DSNOFit, a seasonal exercise class run by DSNO and volunteers. She loves the physical activity, the friendly volunteers, and making friends with others in the DS community.

We appreciate all that DSNO does to help us connect to other families, and we’d love to see you at this year’s Buddy Walk if you can make it!

Thank you for your continued support of Lizzie and DSNO.

All our best,

Lizzie, Charlie, Maddi, Jenn and Elliott Dale

Hello Friends and Family – Please join Nicole and Team Nicole Williams for this years IN PERSON Buddy Walk on September 25th in Lake Oswego at Millennium Park!
Nicole LOVES to attend all the functions that our wonderful DSNO group sponsors.
One of her other favorite events is the Oaks Park Picnic, along with Polar Express Party, Christmas Caroling, and of course THE BUDDY WALK!
Without the help and sponsors from our Friends/Family our wonderful DSNO group would not be able to put on all these activities for the kids and families. The Dad’s dinners, the Mom’s Coffees, Buddy Walk, Oaks Park, PolarExpress and Talent Show just to name a few.
If you cannot join us on Sept 25th we would love it if you could donate to help support DSNO and this organization that means the world to us.
Make sure to click “Team Nicole Williams.”
Thank you and Love to you all
Nancy & Nicole

Hello Family and Friends,

We’re back in person a Millennium Park Plaza in Lake Oswego this year, and we would love for your to join us on the walk or support DSNO with a donation! As many of you know, DSNO has been an instrumental part of our support system over the years, and we appreciate your support.

With love,
Cory, Tiffany, Drew and Isaac

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