The funds raised through our fundraisers and generous benefactors provide valuable financial support for our programs and services.

Our goal is to support families, friends and individuals with Down syndrome through small gatherings, family outings, providing educational scholarships and attending regional/national events

Coffee for Moms

A regular outing for moms of children with Down syndrome. It is a time for us to get together and share our stories.

We laugh – and sometimes cry – and offer support to each other.

Dinners for Dads

A regular outing for dads of children with Down syndrome. It is a time for dads to get together for dinner and listen to speakers discuss various topics of interest regarding our children with special needs.

Family Outings

Give kids with Down syndrome and their parents and siblings a chance to go out and have fun together. We plan free ride nights at Oaks Park and host holiday parties that are always a big hit.

Educational Events

Can help you learn more about topics related to Down syndrome from knowledgeable speakers. It is also a chance to network with other community members and take home valuable information and resources.


Allow us to sponsor a family to attend the National Down Syndrome Society annual conference.

The annual conference brings families from around the country together to imagine the possibilities for the Down syndrome community.

Most of all, we are an understanding and supportive resource for families who have questions or simply need someone to talk to. Remember, we know what you are going through and we are here to listen.