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How We Got Started

Down Syndrome Network Oregon began in 2002 by two women whose children were born with Down syndrome. It began as a small group of parents getting together to share their experiences over coffee. It did not take long to realize the value of a support network of parents and caregivers who are raising a child living with Down syndrome or other challenges.

The vision for an organized support network began because of the dedication of our co-founders, Renee Kerr and Paula Schiedler. With the help of an involved Board of Directors, DSNO is a thriving local organization that has supported numerous families.

Our Mission

For over two decades, DSNO has been a family-led, volunteer-driven organization providing comfort and acceptance for families, friends, and individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. The values that guide our mission are advocacy, inclusiveness, equality and respect for life, compassion, comfort, hope and faith.

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Our Programs

Community Based Programs

The funds raised through our fundraisers and generous benefactors provide valuable financial support for our programs and services.

We support families, friends and individuals with Down syndrome through small gatherings, family outings, providing educational scholarships and attending regional/national events

Basket of Hope

The Basket of Hope is our way of reaching out to you. It is filled with a few resources to help you learn more about how Down syndrome might affect your child and your family. Unlike the pamphlets that you receive from your physician, the materials DSNO provides offer an uplifting, positive – and often humorous – look at raising a child with Down syndrome.

Local Resources for Down Syndrome

It is our goal to inform families, friends and individuals about Down syndrome and create a vision of hope and awareness to demonstrate that every life brings value to the world.


Tiffany Morgan, Program Director

Board of Directors

Elliott Dale

Chase Fettig

Christy Fitzpatrick

Connor Kavanaugh

Cory Morgan

Kyle Pearson

Jim Studer

Suzanne Vu


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