New Parent?

The arrival of a new baby is an event filled with joy; but the news that your baby was born with Down syndrome may also be overwhelming. Many people are not sure what to say on the birth of your child. We do… Congratulations!

Down Syndrome Network of Oregon is a faith-based, non-profit organization consisting of parents and family of children with Down syndrome. Together, we share our experiences and support each of our unique journeys. We want to be present to support you and help as a strong resource.

How We Can Help

DSNO hosts a variety of local events and activities to support parents raise a child with Down syndrome. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where parents and friends of children with Down syndrome can gather to share their experiences and celebrate their joy.

Not only do we exchange information and discuss community resources, we have fun. Our events vary from social family outings to a Mom’s coffee meetings. We welcome your short or long-term participation and encourage you to reach out and connect with us.

It is important to us that all members have equal access to DSNO-sponsored events. If you need financial assistance to attend an event, please submit a request here. We handle all requests discreetly and with your privacy in mind.

Basket of Hope

The Basket of Hope is our way of reaching out to families who are new to the Down syndrome community. It is filled with a few resources to help you learn more about how Down syndrome might affect your child and your family. The materials DSNO provides offer an uplifting, positive – and often humorous – look at raising a child with Down syndrome. We strive to make Basket of Hope deliveries in person, from one or more parents who are part of the community you have just joined.

We hope that the books and media that we provide allow you to get excited about the arrival of your new baby. They answer some questions you might have about the ups and downs of the upcoming years.

The Basket of Hope program is designed to encourage and support you and your child with Down syndrome. You will discover that there are similar families that have seen a joyful light in their child with Down syndrome.

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