Team Lizzie Dale


Team Lizzie Dale

Dear buddies,

It's that time of year again... The Annual Buddy Walk for friends and family is here, and we hope you can join us in walking and/or supporting this wonderful organization that wrapped our family in a giant bear hug when Lizzie arrived nearly four years ago.

This year, Lizzie started swimming, gymnastics and a small preschool through the Lake Oswego School District, focusing on the skills to start Pre-K next fall.

We learned this summer that Lizzie is a fish who loves to jump and play in the water, even float on a kickboard or noodle at the pool - all by herself. All summer, parents and strangers made a point to say, "we've never seen a bigger grin than Lizzie's when she first dives into the pool."

Lizzie also loves diving into the foam pit at gymnastics - mom is still figuring how to climb in and out without getting stuck. With the support of our friends and family, Lizzie continues to be included in activities, classrooms and more. Her energy and smiles are recognized wherever we go. Whether out to dinner at a restaurant or playing at the park, we are stopped constantly by complete strangers. And I'm convinced that they're thinking: "I want to know that little girl's secret; her smile is infectious."

"Friends don't let friends count chromosomes," and we are grateful to you, our friends and family, for supporting and helping us spread awareness about Lizzie and others who have different abilities.

Many hugs and kisses,
The Dale Family (Five)

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