DSNO was formed in 2002 by two mothers whose children were recently born with Down syndrome. It started with five parents getting together to share their experiences over coffee. It did not take long to realize the value of a support network who understood raising a new child with Down syndrome.

The vision for an organized support network was realized through the dedication of our co-founders, Renee Kerr and Paula Schiedler. With the help of an involved Board of Directors, DSNO is a thriving local organization that has helped several families throughout Oregon.

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Mission Statement

DSNO is a faith-based support group that provides comfort and acceptance for families, friends and individuals with Down syndrome. It is our goal to use community outreach events to create a vision of hope and awareness to demonstrate that every life brings value to the world.

The values that guide our mission are advocacy, inclusiveness, equality and respect for life, compassion, comfort, hope and faith.

Organizational Goals

The long-term goals of DSNO include:

  • Offering a range of community-based programs to build an outstanding support organization for families, friends and individuals with Down syndrome
  • Expanding the Basket of Hope program to provide information to a larger number of parents-to-be
  • Gaining recognition as the leading local resource for Down syndrome support