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Celebrating 75 years of service from the heart, Lake Oswego Lions Club continues to love and support DSNO and we will be back to serve up our famous hot dogs and “Lions-burgers” when we get together for another fantastic Buddy Walk! Blessings! Lion Bonnie Roeder, Lake Oswego Lions Club

Bonnie C Roeder


Celebrating Lake Oswego Lions Club’s 75th Anniversary of Service from the Heart! ❤ Looking forward to serving up some of our famous “Lions-urgers” at the next Buddy Walk! Blessings to all our DSNO friends, Lion Bonnie

September 17, 2021

Brenda Powell


September 24, 2021

Dane and Parreira


Go Team!

September 25, 2021

Eric Weberg


Keep up the Great Work DSNO!

October 11, 2021

Tanya and Jacob


YMSL Lake Oswego members supporting the 2021 Buddy Walk!

October 16, 2021