Buddy Page Contest!

Most Money Raised & Most Registrations

  • 3rd Prize - $150 toward any therapy session
  • 2nd Prize - $250 toward therapy session or technical device
  • 1st Prize - $500 toward any technical device (ipad, laptop, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Create a Buddy Team today!

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Buddy Pages Contest!

We will be having a contest for who can raise the most money with their Buddy Page. So get creative, tell your story and reach out to everyone you know to support your loved ones with Down Syndrome and DSNO. Our overall fundraising goal is to provide these resources to families so rather than a prize we decided to go right to what parents tell us are their most pressing needs.

Raise the following amounts with your Buddy Page and earn the following rewards ~

  • $2,500 - Earns $120 toward 1 session respite or speech/behavioral therapy.
  • $5,000 - Earns 2 more sessions (total of 3 respite/speech therapy)
  • $7,500 - Wins 3 sessions of speech / behavioral therapist and an iPad for your child.
  • Grand Prize! - For the Buddy Pages that raises the most money - receive a night's stay at The Nines, dinner at Departure with childcare included.

Eli’s Buddies

Our son Eli Kerr will turn 18 in just a few days!
Ten years ago Bruce and I could just never imagine the man he has turned out to be.
No one could have told us that the day would come when he would be so independent, so calm, and so joyful.
He brings the exclamation mark into the room no matter where he is.
All of his accomplishments, including ushering at our church, acting in his high school plays, participating in high school sports, and mostly just being Eli, have been a slow and steady community effort of friends, family, teachers, doctors and therapists.

To learn more visit Eli’s Buddies's Buddy Page

Support Eli’s Buddies

Aidyn’s Advocates

Our little Aidyn was diagnosed with Down Syndrome very early in pregnancy, and we found tremendous support from our new friends in the DSNO community. Born 10 weeks premature and undergoing surgery at only 5 days old, Aidyn is now a very strong, healthy baby boy. We have since began advocating for children with Down Syndrome, speaking with doctors, genetics counselors, and NICU providers regarding testing, the delivery of results, and providing more meaningful resources for parents like us. DSNO is an organization that has assisted us in finding support, community, and financial resource

To learn more visit Aidyn’s Advocates's Buddy Page

Support Aidyn’s Advocates

Team Kendall

Join Team Kendall for our 2nd Buddy Walk! Last year she was just 4 months old for her first walk. It was such a fun event and the support was amazing. All money raised goes to the Down Syndrome Network of Oregon. Less than one week after Kendall was born we received a gift and resources for Kendall and our family. We are so grateful there are these amazing organizations to help families. Can't wait to see everyone there!

To learn more visit Team Kendall's Buddy Page

Support Team Kendall

Team Danny

Hi my name is Danny and I am the happiest person in the world! Can you believe I'm 7 already?

I have the best family and lots of friends who support me. But Down Syndrome Network Oregon is the greatest! I've participated in so many fun activities that DSNO has provided. I would love it if you can help sponsor me at our Buddy Walk so I can continue to learn, grow, and go to fun outings. My family gets to benefit as well - they get to learn a lot from all the other families and events.

The Buddy Walk is our only fundraiser and we will be having tons of fun! Hope you can join

To learn more visit Team Danny's Buddy Page

Support Team Danny

Paisley’s Peeps

Welcome Paisley's Peeps! Thank you for supporting our team in our first (but hopefully not the last) buddy walk! We are excited to set up this team in honor of our beautiful Miss Paisley Jane.

Paisley has changed the life's of so many people. She has made a HUGE difference in this world and she has only been here for 15 short months. I can't wait to see all the amazing things she accomplishes!

Paisley came into this world in super speed and she hasn't stopped since. She is a bundle of joy, laughter, craziness, and love. She lights up a room. We couldn't be happier tha

To learn more visit Paisley’s Peeps's Buddy Page

Support Paisley’s Peeps

Cruz’n for Anthony

Please join us on our annual Buddy walk to help support out community, friends, & most of all Anthony! We would love to spend the day with all the people we love most!

To learn more visit Cruz’n for Anthony's Buddy Page

Support Cruz’n for Anthony

Team Ben

Ben has provided proof to the saying "Good things come in three's". He's shown us that life with an extra chromosome can be an amazing adventure.
Ben is our ice breaker, perspective giver, and our reality check. Yes, the journey is different and it can be challenging but the rewards and the blessings we experience make it well worth it.

You keep life interesting Ben. Our family wouldn't be complete without you.

We love you.

Monte, Megan, Sam, and Kyle Schierling

To learn more visit Team Ben's Buddy Page

Support Team Ben

Team Abigail!

Oh, what can I say about Miss Abigail? She is amazing! Abigail continues to amaze us with her love, courage, curiosity, forgiveness, desire to learn… and the list goes on and on. Abigail thrives because of the encouragement and love that you give to her and to our family. Thank you so much for all of your support. We look forward to seeing everybody at the Buddy Walk.

Thank you,
The McNatt Family

To learn more visit Team Abigail!'s Buddy Page

Support Team Abigail!

Team Thomas

Come join us for this year’s DSNO Buddy Walk to raise funds for events that help families with children and young adults with Down Syndrome/Trisomy-21. The funds raised by this event help support DSNO's efforts in making connections between families to encourage our children and young adults to thrive through social and educational opportunities. We as a family have benefitted from being a part of this organization. When Thomas was born, DSNO quickly reached out to us with resources, encouragement and relationships. It gave us immediate information that has allowed us to obtain the best,

To learn more visit Team Thomas's Buddy Page

Support Team Thomas

Trey’s Best Buds!

Please join Trey and his Buddies for the 2015 Buddy Walk on Sept 27, 2015.

To learn more visit Trey’s Best Buds!'s Buddy Page

Support Trey’s Best Buds!

Beaverton Buddies

Thanks for supporting Beaverton Buddies! Nishanth is a happy teenager who loves to read, watch movies, wrestle with his sister, and most of all he loves hanging out with his buddies(whom he calls 'brothers'). Nishanth regularly takes youth fitness and swim lessons from THPRD. He actively participates in Boys scout, Special Olympics, and Challenger baseball. Nishanth's favorite family outing is hiking -he can walk more than 5 miles without any break. It feels silly that we were so worried when he didn't walk until he was 3years old. If you want to know more about us, join us at the buddy

To learn more visit Beaverton Buddies's Buddy Page

Support Beaverton Buddies

The Suzanna Bees

Hi! I'm Suzanne Brown. Just like my friend Shelby, I like to cheer. I also like to play with my dog Lucy and watch my brother Kirk play baseball.

A smart person says we're more alike than different. On September 27th, I will walking to support people like me and my family. Please donate to our team so the Down Syndrome Network Oregon can assist people like us.


To learn more visit The Suzanna Bees's Buddy Page

Support The Suzanna Bees

Team Lizzie Dale

Dear buddies,

It's that time of year again... The Annual Buddy Walk for friends and family is here, and we hope you can join us in walking and/or supporting this wonderful organization that wrapped our family in a giant bear hug when Lizzie arrived nearly four years ago.

This year, Lizzie started swimming, gymnastics and a small preschool through the Lake Oswego School District, focusing on the skills to start Pre-K next fall.

We learned this summer that Lizzie is a fish who loves to jump and play in the water, even float on a kickboard or noodle at the pool - all by he

To learn more visit Team Lizzie Dale's Buddy Page

Support Team Lizzie Dale

Adam’s Army

The DSNO has been such a welcoming and supportive community since we have moved to Tigard. Adam participated in a sports camp and a music camp for the first time this Summer. We look forward to getting more involved with this organization and want to show them how supportive Adam's Army of friends and family can be!

To learn more visit Adam’s Army's Buddy Page

Support Adam’s Army

Team Boogie Down

Please join us for another year of celebrating that little extra that makes Brooklyn who she is. ☺
We can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement on this journey.

To learn more visit Team Boogie Down's Buddy Page

Support Team Boogie Down

Team Tyler

Goal- $1000
This will be our 8th Buddy Walk with Tyler! We have the best friends and family who have supported us since day one with Tyler. I laugh and smile constantly with him in my life. Even with all the struggles, I wouldn't change a thing! We are so blessed. Please come out and join Team Tyler with us for a day of fun and support!

To learn more visit Team Tyler's Buddy Page

Support Team Tyler

Nicole Williams

So where to start – I cannot believe it has been almost a year since the last Buddy Walk. Nicole has grown up so much since then. She/We survived her year as a 1st grader with school all day. She had so much fun at school. She loved her teacher, Aide, as well as all the kids and the excitement of being in school.
Again herfavorite part of the whole school year was riding the “School Bus” every day. She learned so much. She can
count to 50! She is really starting to understand certain words and what they actually spell. She can write her name first and last! She can write s

To learn more visit Nicole Williams's Buddy Page

Support Nicole Williams

Rita’s Ramblers

We hope you can come join us for a walk with our DSNO friends. We love DSNO for sponsoring great events for families to have fun and learn from each other.

To learn more visit Rita’s Ramblers's Buddy Page

Support Rita’s Ramblers

Big Team Megan

My name is Megan Schielder. I like to sing. I like Tae Kwon Do, and I like hanging out with my boyfriend, Eli. See... We are more alike than different.

Please join Big Team Megan as we participate in the 14th annual Buddy Walk! Every dollar we raise helps support families who are blessed with a child with Down syndrome. Thank you for your help!

To learn more visit Big Team Megan's Buddy Page

Support Big Team Megan

Iris Tervo ROCKS!

We hope can join us for the fun-filled annual DSNO Buddy Walk!
This is a special day and an amazing group for our family. Funds are used for fantastic resources for our kiddos and families such as scholarships for camps and conventions, parent support groups, family holiday gatherings, and many more wonderful, loving, beneficial functions helping our families thrive.
With so much love and appreciation of your continuous support...
Jos, James, Eric and Iris "Superstar" Tervo

To learn more visit Iris Tervo ROCKS!'s Buddy Page

Support Iris Tervo ROCKS!

Diego’s Dream Team

Please join us in supporting this amazing organization that has been a valuable source of encouragement on our journey for over 8 years!

To learn more visit Diego’s Dream Team's Buddy Page

Support Diego’s Dream Team

Sahara’s Fan Club

This will be Sahara's Fan Club's 1st year at the DSNO Buddy Walk and we are super excited! Sahara's Mom and Dad were born and raised in the area, but moved to South Carolina in 2008 where Sahara was born. While there, we participated in the Charlotte NC Buddy Walk and had a wonderful time. We moved back to the northwest February of 2014 but were unable to participate last year due to chemotherapy treatments.

Sahara is now 4 years old and our little rock star. She loves to dance, wrestle, and play with her little brother. She is the life of the party and keeps us busy and loving life

To learn more visit Sahara’s Fan Club's Buddy Page

Support Sahara’s Fan Club

Team Nicole Williams

So where to start – I cannot believe it has been almost a year since the last Buddy Walk. Nicole has grown up so much since then. She/We survived her year as a 2nd grade at her new school! She loves school, even now during the summer she asks "school today?"
She will again go to a new school next year and is excited for her new teacher!

Again her favorite part of the whole school year was riding the “School Bus” every day. She learned so much.
Her vocabulary has flourished. She loves to tell you stories, of course the more excited she gets and the more she talks it

To learn more visit Team Nicole Williams's Buddy Page

Support Team Nicole Williams

Kennedy’s Krew

Come help us celebrate our Kennedy! In just 6 short months Kennedy has changed the lives of all who know and love her. She is full of the cutest giggles (especially when her daddy is around). Although anyone who spends 5 minutes with this little girl is sure to witness her gigantic smile and contagious laugh. She loves to play with mommy's hair, meet new people, go for naps in her stroller, watch her dog brothers, snuggle, practice her singing voice, explore/taste new toys, and now different foods!

In the first few months after birth, we had to keep Kennedy in seclusion to keep her

To learn more visit Kennedy’s Krew's Buddy Page

Support Kennedy’s Krew

Team Emma

Welcome to Team Emma! We are so excited to be participating in our 2nd annual Buddy Walk. We would be honored if you would join us on our walk, or consider donating to Team Emma. Every dollar we raise goes to the Down Syndrome Network Oregon, which provides support to families like ours, who have been blessed with a child with Down Syndrome.
Emma will be giving lots of hugs at the walk, so we hope to see you there!

To learn more visit Team Emma's Buddy Page

Support Team Emma


It's that time again one of our favorite times of the year the buddy walk. Please come walk with us or if you want to just donate in Asher's namer that is wonderful as well. We are so blessed that Asher is still with us that we are going to celebrate him every chance we get. We would love to see y'all.

To learn more visit TEAM ASHER's Buddy Page


Team Sarah

Sarah is 7 years old and is one of five children in our family. She has been such an amazing blessing in our family. She is so full of life, smiles and happiness. She loves outdoor activities such as swimming, kyaking, horseback riding and climbing. Books are a favorite, and she always has a stack of them next to her bed.

We hope you will join us as we walk to show our support for Sarah and all other individuals with down syndrome. Fund raisers such as this help our children with opportunities to reach their full potential.

To learn more visit Team Sarah's Buddy Page

Support Team Sarah


We would love for you to join us for our 3rd Buddy Walk! Harrison is 10 years old and has a heart FULL of love and life and enjoys anyone who will talk to him! He touches everyone’s heart that he comes in contact with. The Buddy Walk is a local and national event which promotes awareness and inclusion of our friends with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome Network of Oregon (DSNO) is family to us, we will be walking to celebrate and show our support so that DSNO can continue its mission to help individuals and families like ours. DSNO is a cross disability group. Some have Down Syndro

To learn more visit TEAM HARRISON's Buddy Page


Team Ells Bells 2015

Hello from Team Ells Bells! This is our 3rd annual Buddy Walk, celebrating our amazing Miss Ellie! We would love to have you join us to walk in Ellie's honor, and to support others who rock their extra chromosome.

Every dollar we raise brings us one step closer to ensuring that our daughter and every individual with Down syndrome will have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The money raised will support local programs and services provided by the wonderful Down Syndrome Network of Oregon.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and take the first step toward helpin

To learn more visit Team Ells Bells 2015's Buddy Page

Support Team Ells Bells 2015

Claire’s Crusaders 2015

Hi! My name is Claire! I love ice cream but I just call it, "cream". I am the youngest of 9 children so I am a very loved little girl. My brothers and sisters are my very own cheerleading squad. Please join my Buddy Walk team so we can celebrate together. The Buddy Walk is so much fun. It's like a big party. By supporting the Buddy Walk, you can help people bring more opportunities and resources to people diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Thank you and I'll see you on Sunday, September 27th!

To learn more visit Claire’s Crusaders 2015's Buddy Page

Support Claire’s Crusaders 2015

Dixon 6.0!

Each year as we approach Buddy Walk season, we are given the opportunity to reflect on all of the awesomeness that Dixon has brought to our lives. He loves to swim, tell knock-knock jokes, wrestle with his buddies, kiss the ladies, and sneak ice cream and ketchup every chance he gets. Dixon remains loyal to his Toy Story friends, and won't go a day without them (going on four years of these guys). He is learning to ride a bike and is showing interest in sports. Overall, Dixon loves to laugh and brighten the day of everyone around him.

Please join us as we celebrate the pure heart

To learn more visit Dixon 6.0!'s Buddy Page

Support Dixon 6.0!

Chip Zeman

Chip is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. We are incredibly fortunate and blessed to share life with him.

To learn more visit Chip Zeman's Buddy Page

Support Chip Zeman

Team Super Scharosch

We are thankful to have Macy and Logan in our family. They teach us many things about kindness, seizing the moment and patience:) Please join our team in supporting them!

To learn more visit Team Super Scharosch's Buddy Page

Support Team Super Scharosch

Ambling with Anna

Join us as we walk to raise awareness of Down syndrome and support DSNO!

To learn more visit Ambling with Anna's Buddy Page

Support Ambling with Anna

Isaac’s Warriors

"Isaac is now 13 1/2 years old and we delight in his sense of humor, charm and enthusiasm for life. We are continually surprised by what he continues to accomplish and look forward to what lies ahead for him. He loves to tease, sneak chocolate and sing with all he has whether in his school choir or at church or at home. Isaac gives great back rubs! He also loves riding a tandem bike, kayaking, helping in the garden and mowing the lawn all by himself. He is passionate about basketball and plays on a unified team in Hillsboro - go Heated Hawks! He also loves to watch NBA and collegiate basket

To learn more visit Isaac’s Warriors's Buddy Page

Support Isaac’s Warriors

Team Joanna Landazuri

On Sunday, September 27th 2015, our family along with many friends will be participating in the 2015 Buddy Walk in support of the Down Syndrome Network Oregon and for the more than 400,000 individuals just like our daughter Joanna, born with Down syndrome in the United States.

As in previous years we want to do everything we can to make sure that individuals with Down Syndrome are given every opportunity to reach their full potential. This is a chance for us to send a message of acceptance and a belief in the abilities and contributions of all people. All monies raised in the Buddy

To learn more visit Team Joanna Landazuri's Buddy Page

Support Team Joanna Landazuri
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