2021 Buddy Teams

Arthur is AWESOME and so is DSNO! Come virtually walk with us and please donate to this incredible organization who has worked hard to keep our families included in all sorts of positive, life forward activities in this especially challenging climate. Whether it’s a cooking class, dancing, outdoor activity meet-ups, mom’s and dad’s events or the thoughtful reimagining of the Buddy Walk to make it safe for everyone to attend. My family has big dreams for our little rascal and our DSNO family reaffirms those will be reached and more. Helen, Greg, Arthur & Alice

Hello friends and family,

We are so happy to share with you that the walk is back in person this year. We would love for you to join us at the walk in support of DSNO and celebrating the joy Asher has brought to our lives. DSNO has been a major support to our family from the day Asher was born. They have been instrumental in helping this momma be the best momma I can for my little man. So please come out and join us and if you can’t join please consider donating. We hope to see you there!!

Please join us to celebrate Ben and all his homies with extra chromosomies. DSNO is a fantastic nonprofit that supports families with family members with Down syndrome and other disabilities. DSNO was the first group to reach out to us when we found out Ben had Down syndrome. They gave us a Basket of Hope that included information on what our future looked like, and it was wonderful not scary. We have went to many camps, fitness classes, art classes, Christmas caroling, and so many more events through DSNO. The support and friendships we have made through the years have been so important to our family. Please come enjoy a fantastic day of music, fun booths, food, and celebration to keep this group reaching many more families.

Thank you for supporting Chip and the Down Snydrome Network of Oregon.
This organization supports people with varying disabilities in so many ways.
From weekly exercise classes, online cooking classes, summer camps, moms and dads gathering, Oaks Park and Christmas caroling. And much more! This is a wonderful way for families to come together and community to be created in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Besides his birthday, buddy walks top Diego’s list of favorite days of the year! I cannot wait to see his excitement this year because it’s been a couple years since his last one. We invite you to join Diego’s Dream Team and/or donate! The DSNO have been a great resource during this journey of 14 years. The walk is Sunday, September 19th at Millennium Plaza Park in Lake Oswego.

Isaiah has been a total blessing to his family and friends as well as DSNO!

We appreciate your support in any way especially in prayers for Isaiah and all those involved with DSNO.

So happy to have the walk in full swing this year-looking forward to it!!!

Hope to continue to grow Isaiah’s infantry!!! God bless!

Supporting our team helps support many families and individuals in the greater Portland area. We are grateful to you all.

Join the Center for Social Change and Community Involvement at Lewis & Clark College as we participate in the 2021 DSNO Buddy Walk®. This year the L&C Volunteers program is co-hosting a team with the L&C Department of Athletics and L&C Volleyball. Our team will be walking alongside Patrick aka DJ Pat.

Celebrating 75 years of service from the heart, Lake Oswego Lions Club continues to love and support DSNO and we will be back to serve up our famous hot dogs and “Lions-burgers” when we get together for another fantastic Buddy Walk! Blessings! Lion Bonnie Roeder, Lake Oswego Lions Club

Hello my Gnomies!
We hope you will JOIN Nolan September 19th rolling with our Gnomies with extra Chromies! Even if you can’t come walk with us, your generous donations are still needed and appreciated. This is the biggest fundraiser for DSNO and we need your help!
Show some love to DSNO, our family, and Nolan by donating generously today 🙂

Please join Piper’s Posse for Piper’s 3rd Buddy Walk! All proceeds support the Down Syndrome Network of Oregon. We greatly appreciate all of your love & support. Please, let us know if you want to come & walk with us! We would love to have anyone and everyone. #theluckyfew

Love, The Goodell Family


It’s Rita and I am so excited to be raising money for my friends at Down Syndrome Network Oregon. All of their activities are fun, and we are always learn something new. Guess what? I am now 10 years old and in the 5th grade – I can’t believe it either.

Thank you with all my heart, Rita and Family

Phew! I cannot believe it is Buddy Walk® time again. What a challenging year we all have been through. Again, people keep reaching out to me about a Buddy Walk® Team for Abigail. So here we go, “Team Abigail” for the 2021 DSNO Buddy Walk®!! Recently, DSNO decided to move the Buddy Walk® to a Virtual Event on October 16th. I know the masks were quite popular but for the 2021 Buddy Walk®, the t-shirts are back. During this past year, DSNO has provided activities which have helped Abigail maintain connections; a virtual cooking class, an outdoor fitness class, a week-long sports camp, outdoor hikes, and an evening at Oaks Park. All of these activities, and more, are made possible with your generous support. Thank you for choosing to continue to support DSNO during this chaotic time in our world. Thank you also for supporting our family and sharing your love with us, you all are truly a blessing in our lives.

Yahoo, we are so excited to be back in person for the Buddy Walk! We would love to have our family and friends join us for this amazing walk. I don’t know where our family would be without DSNO. After Anna was born we had the honor of meeting one of the co-founders Paula, who come to visit us 12 years ago in the hospital. Paula also brought a Basket of Hope filled with goodies and information about Down Syndrome.

DSNO offers amazing events to moms, dads and of course are amazing kiddos: Family night at Oaks Park, CHAP (Children’s Healing Art Project), Virtual Cooking classes, Exercise classes, Mom’s night out, Dad’s gatherings, mom’s weekend retreat. These are just of the amazing events that DSNO offers!!!

Anna is a blessing from the Lord and knows how to reach and touch peoples’ hearts. If someone is having a bad day, Anna knows how to get that person to smile and to bring joy to them. Anna has a sweet and gentle spirit when she is around babies and other kiddos with special needs.

It’s that time of year again 🙂 The DSNO 2021 Buddy Walk® is happening. It’s virtual again this year but we still have the opportunity to support an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. Please join us for the 2021 DSNO Buddy Walk®.

Team Leah is so happy this year’s Buddy Walk® is back! We would love for you to join us to help support Leah and raise money for this amazing organization that we have been a part of for 9 years! Leah loves all of the camps, outings, events, and community. DSNO and your donations help provide her with these opportunities.

If you cannot join us Sunday, Sept 19th, you can also donate on behalf of Team Leah!!

It truly takes a village. Thank you for your friendship, love and support, we are so grateful to have you as part of ours! DSNO has been a very important part of our life the last 10 years, and does so much for families in our community.

We invite you to join us for this year’s virtual DSNO Buddy Walk the morning of Saturday, October 16 at www.dsno.org and in supporting DSNO. Register for the event to get a T-Shirt this year! We are excited to be back in person to celebrate with everyone soon. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy!

Love, The Dales (Lizzie, Maddi, Charlie, Jennifer, and Elliott)

This is Mai Mai’s first walk since she just turned one year old. Please join us in a new tradition.

Nicole and I are soooo excited this year’s Buddy Walk® is back. We would love if you could join us this year to help support Nicole and raise money for this awesome organization that we love so much. DSNO with your help provides camps, outings for our kids and siblings, Mom’s gatherings, Dad’s gatherings and educational events.

If you cannot join us Sunday Sept 19th, you can also donate on behalf of Team Nicole!!

Noah brings joy to everyone he meets with an electric giggle and a giant smile, and happens to experience Down syndrome and Autism. Join us for a virtual walk to celebrate and support Noah and others like him in our community!

-The Sorensens

We’ll be live and in person! You can join us or support the efforts of the DSNO by making a donation. Help us reach and or exceed a goal of $1000!
The money provides support to families via activities for individuals with Down syndrome and gatherings for moms and dads to connect. In addition, it helps to provide scholarships to camps and other similar programs and activities.
The founders and other members of the DSNO were the first to reach out and give Thomas’s mom a glimmer of hope after diagnosis. Welcomed with a ‘basket’ of hope, a very nice diaper bag filled with items to aide in Thomas’ development and a few other special items (the best beanie), made the journey a little less lonely. The only families with children with Down syndrome that we knew of, lived in a different state. Now, we see more and more individuals and families experiencing the Down syndrome and other developmental and intellectual challenges.
We will always be thankful for the founders and members of the DSNO who have befriended us and those who continue to support our family.

We have been celebrating Team Tyler for over 10 years! Please join us for another year of food, fun, music, and lots of dancing!

Zachie is a loving 10 year old who has a devoted twin brother named Gabe. Zach love to laugh, play jokes on people, have sleepovers with his grandma and aunt. He has been to Mexico, Slovakia and spends part of his time at the family’s home on the Columbia gorge. Zach is a love bug who LOVES blueberries and puts ketchup on almost everything he eats. Join us on September 19th for the Lake Oswego Buddy Walk. Or donate to DSNO (Down Syndrome Network Oregon)..

Hello Family and Friends,

While we hoped to be back in person this year, alas, we will go virtual once again. Regardless, we would love and appreciate your support! As many of you know, DSNO has been an instrumental part of our support system over the years. If you can join us for the walk virtually, that would be fantastic! And if not, we hope to record the livestream so it can be replayed at a later time.

With love,
Cory, Tiffany, Drew and Isaac